Our Purpose

Whether working with professionals globally or locally, Triple-I-Consulting’s mission is to empower dynamic teaching and learning experiences, creating learning environments that value each individual’s voice, and focuses on the evolving skillsets required for the world of tomorrow, respecting  and ensuring the inclusion of all participants.


T-i-C is dedicated to navigating transformation, actively striving to empower all contributors in shaping today’s learning with a strategic, purposeful focus on the continual exponential innovation, change and rethinking taking place across the globe, relevant to the world of tomorrow.

Our approach presents an exciting opportunity for ongoing professional and personal growth, providing practical support and personalised feedback tailored to your specific context. It allows you to align your professional development with recognized needs for leadership, teaching, learning, upskilling and transformation. This empowerment enables leaders and individuals to make informed decisions and initiate actions that drive meaningful change.

Our ultimate objective is to make learning genuinely meaningful for every person, emphasizing that it’s not left to chance but designed through a co-created journey between leadership, staff, teams, students, as well as the broader learning community within educational institutions or corporate entities.

We actively promote inquiry and honour agency to facilitate deep learning, knowledge transfer and conceptual understandings. Teams are inducted into pedagogy and practices that are guided by current research and global mega trends, and that have the most significant impact on enhancing current practices, that lead to increased relevance and engagement by individuals taking greater ownership of their learning journey.

We collaborate closely with leadership, learning and development teams, as well as educators, assisting them in developing personal and professional goals and progression, by defining specific strategies to inspire them. We support learning by fostering a shared language, clarity, actionable strategies, and tools for evaluating and monitoring implementation. This approach helps us achieve those transformative teaching and learning moments in practice. For schools, we provide in-class support and feedback on various aspects of student learning, promoting collaborative planning and the revision and restructuring of learning units to ensure relevance, significance, challenge, and engagement. For corporates, we focus our training towards the creation of industry relevant simulations.

Through our efforts, individuals are inspired in their becoming confident problem solvers, persisting in the face of challenges while trusting themselves as individuals purposely making a difference in their personal learning journey and the world around them. We consistently focus on align professional learning with recognized research and relevant needs in leadership, personal development, teaching, and learning, empowering teams to act as informed thought leaders, and each unique professional entity to raise the bar in their commitment to their vision and their unique offering.

Gaining insights into our current practices,
so we are able to inspire the change we need.

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