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Triple-I- Consulting would love to continually engage with you as we share insights, inspiration and findings from innovation and research in educational practices around the world.


We will be referencing various comprehensive data sources, latest research findings, surveys, as well as various community perspectives and global perceptions that have been highlighted across the world, identifying and envisioning the next steps in teaching and learning across international learning communities.


We will be unpacking how we can co-create and personalize concepts, processes, frameworks, practices, training and development opportunities, engagements and presentations  to determine how we can enhance our offering and visions across our learning communities


We will be exploring how we can implement innovative research driven practices and processes, as learning communities, aspiring to deliver thinking,  teaching, learning, assessment and reflection practices that continue to be significant, relevant, engaging and challenging for the world of tomorrow.


Director: Triple-I-Consulting
Director: Tournament of Minds SA
Educational Consultant and Advisor
IBEN Global Trainer and Programme Leader
AI Pioneer: MagicSchool AI Platform


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