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Enhancing Organizational Success through empowering Critical Thinking as a key global skill

In 2023, the World Economic Forum identified a core list of key global skills required from 2025 – 2028

These included cognitive and learning abilities such as:
  1. Active learning and learning strategies
  2. Critical thinking and analysis
  3. Complex problem-solving
  4. Creativity, originality and initiative
  5. Analytical thinking and innovation
  6. Systems thinking
  7. Curiosity and lifelong learning
  8. Resilience, flexibility and agility

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. It involves the ability to think independently, logically, and objectively; questioning assumptions, scrutinizing evidence, and arriving at well-informed, well-reasoned conclusions. Critical thinking is a foundational skill that empowers individuals to navigate simple and complex situations, solve problems effectively, and make sound decisions in various aspects of life and work.


Having worked with over 23 000 adults over the past eight years, it is highly evident that these skills are not innately embedded in the everyday practices and essential thought processes of individuals and need to be explicitly explored and re-introduced as part of a future focused thinking toolbox.


The opportunity for this to be a unique offering for team building events, conference sessions,  in-house development,  as well as final team-based tournaments can be included as the ultimate graduation from the culmination of the experiences along the “Thinking Journey”.


It is imperative businesses regularly host ongoing Critical Thinking Workshops to continue to embed people’s understanding and use of a variety of thinking tools and strategies to support them in their various roles as part of a highly functional workforce, as well as in their discussions and interactions with colleagues and customers.


We offer dedicated workshops around critical thinking skills development.  We start by highlighting the difference between different types of critical thinking, how these empower problem solving, which in turn require creative thinking attributes. We lead practical sessions on utilizing critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving tools, strategies and techniques, which then empower pathways towards effective decision-making.

We will introduce and unpack amongst other strategies:  Harvard Visible Thinking routines, various De Bonos thinking tools, Blooms Taxonomy, Systems Thinking tools and open-ended challenges to be solved as individuals, pairs, groups and teams. Thereafter, industry-specific scenarios will be provided by your corporate team, where the use of these tools and strategies provide scaffolds to act on.


An outline of these professional learning for internal development and events, team building, as well as corporate conferences includes:


Interactive Workshops and Simulation Exercises:

Conducting  interactive workshops and simulation exercises to actively engage  teams in the learning process. These sessions will allow participants to collaborate, share insights, and practice critical thinking skills in a controlled environment. Such hands-on experiences  will continue throughout the process and will enhance retention and application of acquired knowledge, tools and strategies.


Customized Training Modules:

Developing tailored training modules that specifically address different thinking skills, using the identified tools and strategies, focusing on active learning, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity amongst others. These sessions  will be designed to align with the unique needs and objectives of your organization, ensuring practical and relevant skills development.


Incorporating Open-Ended and Real-World Scenarios:

Integrating open ended challenges and relevant  real-world scenarios into the sessions and events, provides practical applications for critical and creative thinking skills as individuals, pairs, teams and groups. This can also be designed as an annual in-house tournament, where the participants continue to apply their skills and creativity to “win” the coveted trophy, having provided the ultimate solution to the challenges provided.

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