Transforming our thinking around learning that empowers us for the world of tomorrow.


Visioning, creating, facilitating and leading Professional Learning conversations.

Meet Traci Willis:

Director of Triple-I-Consulting

With over 18 years of leading professional learning, development and empowerment for over 23 000 adults across educational and corporate entities, Traci, as a thought leader, has made the strategic decision to create a dynamic consultancy that provides the opportunity to support the ongoing conversations and upskilling, focused on the exponential global innovation and change taking place, influencing the conversation and needs for the world of tomorrow.

Traci, who has her IEMA Masters Degree in Leadership and Change, is also the Director for Tournament of Minds (South Africa) an international problem-solving event, founded in Australia, and active across 13 different branches globally.

Her passion for research and innovation, as well as leading conversations locally and internationally as an IB Global Educator and a lifelong learner, places her at the forefront of responding to “Global Mega Trends in Education” as well as the “Universal Skillsets” identified by the World Economic Forum, as crucial competencies needing to be addressed and embedded across corporates and even more fundamentally, across all learning communities worldwide.


  • Insights and needs analysis personalised for each learning community
  • Focused Professional Learning and Workshop Facilitation to meet the identified needs and focus of the learning community participants
  • Leadership Coaching and Collaboration empowering the transition in education focusing on the empowering students for the world of tomorrow
  • Parent Events and workshops, sharing the conversation and understanding with the extended learning community
  • Conferencing: Leading, supporting, facilitating conference events
  • School Evaluations focused on understanding, data and reflection on approaches to teaching, learning and evidencing of learning


Insights: Engagement around comprehensive data sources, surveys, community insights and perceptions  that have highlighted the need to envision next steps in specific to your learning community

Inspiration: Co-creation and personalization of the concepts, process, training, development, engagements and presentations  to be designed and unpacked to enhance the offering across your learning community

Innovation: Implementing innovative research driven practices and processes, as a learning community aspiring to deliver thinking,  teaching, learning, assessment and reflection practices that continue to be significant, relevant, engaging and challenging.


Whether working with professionals globally or locally, Triple-I-Consulting’s mission is to empower dynamic teaching and learning experiences, creating learning environments that value student voice, and focus on the evolving skillsets required for the world of tomorrow, respecting and ensuring the inclusion of all participants. T-I-C is dedicated to navigating transformation, actively striving to empower all contributors in shaping today’s learning with a strategic, purposeful focus on the continual exponential innovation, change and rethinking taking place across the globe.

Rethinking Education Today
for the World of Tomorrow

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